Primark Haul February 2015

When our retail therapy wasn't going too well in London I added Primark to our lists of must visit shops. The thought of Primark on Oxford Street is a scary one but going at 9.30am was a very wise decision. There's so many lovely fresh, bright Spring clothes in I had a great little browse and made a few purchases. If it wasn't for the fact I was flying with just hand luggage I'd have bought a whole lot more!

This patterned pencil skirt is so soft, the material makes it very comfortable to wear and looks great with a plain came tucked in. I've already worn it for a night out and the monochrome colours will mean it's perfect in summer too. 

These cold shoulder style tops seem to be in a lot of shops at the moment and it's nice to see Primark getting involved too. The photo doesn't do this top justice but it's actually a dusky pink colour which I love. 

£5 (was £12)
Another dusky pink coloured top. I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this was actually on sale. I like that the attached statement necklace dresses it up a bit but it's the style of top that can be worn for lots of different occasions.

This waterfall style blazer caught my eye as soon as I walked into the shop. The bright orange colour is gorgeous and something I don't have any of in my wardrobe. It was a bit pricey but it's a lovely shape and material.

I couldn't resist this Spring/Summer top. The scalloped edges and lazer cut details look so delicate and summery. I hope it's not long until I can wear this with a pair of jeans and sandals rather than under a cardigan and scarf!

Slightly off track in my Spring wardrobe update but I can't resist a simple blouse for work or with a pair of jeans for a smart casual outfit. The zip detail along the front adds a bit of excitement and reminds me of something you'd find in Zara.

 After nearly combatting my necklace phobia (it's a strange one) I was desperate to get some more statement necklaces and this one has lovely colours and a pretty mix of shapes and gems. It doesn't look like it would just cost £5!

This gold chain style collar is perfect for adding to a plain outfit and adding instant glamour. Another bargain that looks worth a lot more than it cost.

Have you been buying anything from Primark recently?

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