My Bottom Drawer with Flamingo Gifts

With 2015 being the year that my boyfriend and I want to buy our first house together I've started to gather together homeware items in preparation... a bottom drawer.

The figurative use of the term 'bottom drawer' to refer to the items that a woman stores in readiness for marriage began in the 19th century.

 With that, my online window shopping has changed dramatically from clothes and makeup to homeware items. When I discovered  on twitter I was amazed. The fabulous affordable gifts website has a huge selection of brands including Sass & Belle, Ted Baker and Mr P. With gift ideas for all the family and any occasion I was still drawn to their New Home Category

This biscuit tin puts a huge smile on my face. Since being little Bourbon biscuits have been one of my favourite so what better style of tin to keep my sneaky treats in than a giant Bourbon. It's crazy how much this looks like an actual giant biscuit, I had lots of confused replies when I snapchatted this. I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't a bit bigger. The depth is quite good for most biscuits but I'm not sure I'll fit too many different types in here. That might be good for my waistline!

Right now I keep my keys in my handbag basically all of the time but I'd like to have a grown up place to keep my keys in my house. Just because I want grown up doesn't mean it has to be boring. This cute little bird house definitely isn't boring. With 2 bird keyrings (that double up as whistles, handy for dog walkers) you can pop your bird in the house when you get home. That way you know where your key and there's no panicking early in the morning.
Thankfully my boyfriend has agreed to my plan but has made clear he definitely doesn't want the pink bird. With sticky pads and space for hooks it can be put up on the wall really easily and the house is really sturdy and the keyrings stay even with a heavy set of keys.

I'm a list person, from to do lists to shopping lists to meal plans so a chalk board in my kitchen is practically essential. Flamingogifts has some fab shaped mini blackboards but this wooden one looked like the best size for my list needs. The hooks on the back are perfect for hanging it on the wall and the ledge along the bottom is handy for holding chalk, and probably other nick-nacks knowing me. The 3 little hearts are the perfect amount of decoration and just  finish off this shabby chic bit of homeware. It's well worth £9.95 and I can see myself buying this as a house warming present for friends.

I don't think it's going to be long before I'm back on buying some more, especially when they get the Jam Biscuit Cushion back in stock!

What's caught your eye on Flamingogifts?
What do you think about gift guide categories on sites like Flamingogifts? Does it make the gift buying process easier?


  1. These are all so gorgeous, I especially love the key holder. We have a cat key holder but I still keep my keys in my bag, I'm too scared I'd go out and leave my keys on the holder!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. I'll probably end up being the same. It's a nice change the typical key hooks though xo