ghd air professional hairdryer review

ghd air

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet because basically I love this hairdryer and it has honestly changed my approach to styling my hair. With long, thick, porous hair, drying my hair was a long, frustrating task which often took 20-25 minutes. I'd often leave my hair to dry over night to avoid the chore but be left with messy, frizzy hair as a results. Thanks to the ghd air hairdryer it takes 10 minutes to have totally dry hair ready to style.

To be able to cut my drying time by half if not more this obviously would need to have a powerful motor. You'd expect with a 2100w motor the ghd air would be louder or heavier but actually compared to my old BaByliss hairdryer it's much, much quieter even when I've got it full blast. It's nice to be able to carry on watching TV or not disturb the whole house whilst drying my hair. This probably isn't the lightest hair dryer on the market but compared to some I've used it's not going to leave you with arm ache after 10 minutes.

ghd products tend to come with sleek packaging and are simple to use and this is no different. The black smooth outer case and metallic branding look high quality. The long cable is definitely a bonus to the design too.  The speed settings and heat settings are both on the outside with 3 different options along with a cold air button on the inside. It's a no brainer. My preference for heat and speed settings, in case anyone is wondering, is actually highest speed, 2nd heat.

Along with the hairdryer there are two nozzles. These come in handy for a controlled blow dry rather than a quick blast of air. These, along with the power of the hairdryer, and the ionic technology have made drying my hair a much more pleasant experience. Now after 15minutes max. I've got softer, smoother, shinier hair and before. So much so my straighteners are starting to feel a bit neglected!

The only downside of the ghd air that I've come across is the price. It took a lot of consideration, a sale, and the fact that my old hair dryer was sparking and cracked, to make this very expensive purchase. It's true that you're paying for the brand but along with that you're paying for a high quality product, a time saving tool and one that's sure to last a very long time (hey, my straighteners are still going strong after almost 10 years!)

Is ghd a brand that you trust?
What's your biggest hair care splurge?
Have you tried the ghd air?


  1. I swear by my GHD straighteners but never tried anything else by them. This sounds great though as my hair takes soo long to dry with a normal hairdryer :(

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Just like the straighteners it's a bit of a splurge but 100% worth it! xo