Eye Candy Gel Wrap System Review

The most appealing thing about gel and shellac manicures is the long lasting finish with no chips for at least a few days, if not weeks. This can also mean my huge collection of nail varnishes goes untouched because I don't have time for naff looking chips and regular upkeep. Lots of nail product brands are catching onto the long lasting, high shine desires but  not all of them have quite achieved their aims. I finally feel like I'm onto a winner with eyeCandy Gel Wrap System.

The eye Candy Gep Wrap system comes with two polishes, a base and top coat. They both work and dry like a normal nail polish but with a little help from daylight the gel wrap system cures to leave shiney, glossy, chip proof nails. Both polishes have a good size brush making them quick and easy to use. The base coat has an acrylic gel formula which helps make a smooth surface for any coloured polish. The top coat is fast drying and protects against chipping and extends wear time.

I put them to the test during one of my busy working weeks. Starting off on a Friday afternoon I painted my nails and was quick to notice the easy application, the smooth finished look, the speedy drying time and the glossy finish. My nails lasted all weekend looking as good as new. The real test started at work where I can be quite heavy handed. I managed to last until Wednesday morning chip free. Pretty impressive! Even better, the chips that did appear were just at the edges meaning I didn't feel like my nails look in such a mess that I had to take it off straight away. I lasted until Friday afternoon before removing it all. This would easily last from Sunday night to Friday night making a work suitable manicure easy and manageable.

The good thing about this being gel wrap, rather than a gel polished cured using a UV lamp is removing it. I've left my nails in a bit of sorry looking state by picking and buffing off gel nails instead of using 100% acetone. The eyeCandy Gel Wraps dry like a normal nail polish and come off like a normal nail polish using standard nail polish remover. I used a cheap one from Superdrug and it took the nail polish and gel wrap off in seconds. 

£10.99 for a base and top coat is a pretty good price for a good quality,  versatile product, especially when it can be paired with a £3.99, £5 or £11 nail polish and transform it to being practically a high end, salon manicure. 

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