007 for Women

When a fragrance brand brings out a women's version to join their male fragrances, I'm always excited to see (or smell) what they've come up with, especially when it's a brand that my boyfriend is a fan of.  With 3 existing male fragrances in the 007 collection they've added another this time to embody the dangerously seductive nature of the bond women.

They're onto a winner with the rose gold accents. The box is rose gold which is good for catching your eye on the shelf in a perfume shop. Then onto the bottle which is black (not so good when you want to see how much perfume is left) with a rose gold trim. I like the shape of the bottle along with the jagged effect which is very much in line with the 007 brand.

As I've said, when my boyfriend is a fan of the male version I'm always intrigued by the female scent and this one is gorgeous. They describe it as a unique blend of ingredients that's feminine with mystery and a modern oriental twist. Quite a complex combination but but I do know they've achieved the effortless elegance and strong personality that they desired. It's not overpowering but it's a scent everyone's been asking about. It's not too strong or heavy making it perfect for every day. It's warm, feminine and a nice combination of fragrance notes.

What sort of perfume packaging catches your eye?
What do you think of brands with a male and female version?

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