What's in my Bag - Michael Kors Bedford Medium Tote

It's been nearly a year since I did my last What's in my Bag post so I thought it's about time I did an updated version with my updated Michael Kors bag. While I was away in Las Vegas in October I took full advantage of the Michael Kors outlet and bought myself my second Michael Kors bag. The contents haven't changed too much, though the bag is smaller the stuff inside has increased.

The Michael Kors Bedford Medium Tote is the perfect size for every day, for work or socialising. The short handles are handy for holding it in the crook of your arm, whilst the long strap makes it a perfect cross body or shoulder bag. When I'm shopping I tend to have it over my shoulder but nipping from the car to work it sits nicely on my arm and isn't too heavy. Now that I've fully justified how versatile it is to you (and myself) onto the contents.

First, the essentials. When I bought the bag in Las Vegas I had a coupon for money off in the outlet. To be able to use the coupon I needed to spend a bit more and in the end managed to get extra money off and get a free Jet Set Travel Purse. This purse is lovely, it's really good quality, fits all my cards and money and even has a slot for putting my phone. Most of the time my phone, the iPhone 5 in a stripy Michael Kors case (anyone notice a trend?) just sits in the phone compartment of my bag. I also have my car and house key. They live in my handbag when I'm not using them that way I always know where they are or I can always guarantee I don't get locked out because I've forgotten to pick them up. I don't have lots of key rings just my Smurf torch and a bottle opener one from Egypt.

A few more things that don't leave my bag are my cow print cotton tote, thanks to the 5p carrier bag charges, and my glasses case. I actually wear my glasses most of the time now so unlike before when my glasses would have spent most of the time in my bag my Osiris glasses appear on my face more often than not.

Some other bits and pieces that seem to float in and out of my bag on a regular basis are my iPhone headphones, a couple of pens (a Vegas one and a NY Broadway Plaza one just now) and a notebook. Rather than having a diary this year I've just got a notebook where I can jot down any appointments or plans along with to do lists and blog ideas. This personalised one is from Minted.com and it's got one of my favourite photos on the front, my name and a cute little quote on the inside. I love it.

When it comes to beauty products I don't carry much with me. I don't have a packed makeup bag because I don't really touch my makeup after I do it in the morning. Instead I've got a small Benefit Boi-ing concealer incase I've got any bad blemishes or disappearing foundation. I've also got an EOS lip balm to keep my lips soft and hydrated along with a travel Tangle Teezer which is very useful if it's a bit windy and my hair gets a bit knotted.

I always carry a deodorant or spray incase I've had a long, stressful day and feel like I need a refresh. Just now I've got the PINK All I Want body mist, another purchase from America. Lastly I've got a little nail file just in case, because I can't stand sharp jagged nails.

What are your handbag essentials?

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  1. I love reading these kind of posts! Your notebook is so cute :)