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Valentines Ready Lips: Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up Lip Balm

With Valentines Day just around the corner you might be keen to get your lips soft and kissable, but that's no easy task with the cold weather outside and the heating blasting inside. I've been struggling with sore, chapped lips since the winter weather got a bit extreme. Lots of lip balms seem to sink in with no effect so I'm always up for trying something new. 

I've heard lots about Anatomicals, after being intrigued by their bright cartoon-like packaging, and quirky names. The description on the back of the box and side of the tube both put a smile on my face and make me hopeful for a quick fix and a new lip balm addition. With Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax there's lots of ingredients ready to  help condition, soothe and soften.

Though it's marketed as a lip balm I think they'd get away with classing Stop Cracking Up as a lip gloss. It's quite a thick, glossy consistency which shines on the lips. It doesn't actually taste of anything, which I suppose is better than a horrible tasting product. This also means there's no temptation to lick it all off and with it not smelling of much there's nothing to put you off. My lips feel hydrated and protected after application and they look healthier too. No cracked, dry skin in sight. As for staying power, it hangs around for quite a while, no need to reapply every 5 minutes. Be prepared for lip gloss marks on your glass if you're having a drink but you'll still have balm left afterwards.

The squeezy tube is quite big at 15ml. Theres no real applicator, just a hole in the top of the slanted tube but because it's quite sticky I avoid using my finger to apply it. A bit of a nuisance getting the lip balm all over the tube but at least I've got an excuse not to share with anyone.

Would you recommend any other Anatomicals products?

Have you got any exciting Valentines plans or are you doing everything to avoid the "forever alone" day?

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