Six Awesome Ways To Treat Yourself This Winter* #IndulgeYourself

As January comes to an end, it is time we girls treated ourselves a little. We all know that this month can be difficult. After the hype of Christmas, it always feels as though the start of a new year is a bit of a letdown. Don't get the January blues (or February)! Instead, find ways to treat yourself and have an incredible time. You need to start as you mean to go on, and that means making the most of 2015. Here are six awesome ways to treat yourself during the cold winter months.


1. Buy a new outfit

If you have been following my outfits of the week blog posts, you will know that there is no shortage of new fashion trends this year. If you feel like you want a change, now is the perfect time to start shopping. You should buy yourself a beautiful pair of boots to get you through this harsh winter, and also some snugly, warm jumpers.

2. Visit a spa

If you are sick of the cold weather, you need a little luxury in your life. Why not book yourself into a spa for a quick break? We all know that January can be a depressing month, and so taking a break could be just what you need. Book yourself into Hoola Spa and get yourself some treatments. Sometimes, all you need is some time alone so that you feel yourself again. If you are feeling stressed out, a spa break will surely help.

3. Create new nail designs

I always find that painting my nails cheers me up. There is something therapeutic about sitting at home and pampering yourself just a little. This year, why not experiment with some funky new nail designs? Learning about nail art might sound complicated, but it doesn't have to be. There are hundreds of tutorials online that can help you create unique styles for your nails. Choose something bright and colourful, you know you want to.

4. Spend the night with the girls

In the winter, it feels like nobody wants to venture out into the cold. Sure, it is tempting to stay in watching Netflix all the time, but it is not all that good for you. Sometimes, all you need is a night out with the girls. Call up your friends and see what they say. When you stay in all the time, you can start to feel sorry for yourself. Pull yourself together and get out there. Even if you're trying to avoid alcohol you can still have an amazing, funny night. I learnt that whilst I sipped on cucumber water last Saturday!

5. Care for your skin

If you don't have a proper skin care routine in the winter, your skin will become dry and flaky. You need to make sure that you put the moisture back into your skin. Remember to drink loads of water so that your skin does not dry out. You should also create a thorough skin care regime so that your skin looks healthy every day. You should make sure that you cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin every night. That way, your skin will glow bright even when the weather is dull. Skin care is super important and so you mustn't neglect it. I've been loving using my Magnitone Lucid Brush and it's boosted my skincare routine - I can't wait to share it with you all soon.

6. Indulge your sweet tooth

If you are craving sugar, you should not ignore that. Sometimes, it is okay to indulge your sweet tooth a little. You could spend an evening creating some delicious, healthy treats for you and your friends. Remember, not all sweet things are harmful to you. You can make some tasty, dark chocolate treats, which are quite good for your health. Look at some recipes online and see what you can come up with yourself. Your friends will love that you have made some snacks for them.


  1. Lovely post, really like these ideas X

  2. Lovely post, really like these ideas X