Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel Review


I've got a love hate relationship with doing my nails. I love having long, strong, beautiful nails but I hate the long painting process, the drying stage and them chipping 5 minutes later. I've gone through the stages of shellac both in a salon and at home. I've had paper thin nails and nursed them back to strength. Thankfully Sensationail has introduced something brand new - a best of both worlds situation - the Fuse Gelnamel.

The tiny little box comes with everything you need for an at home Gelnamel manicure from the nifty usb lamp that also has a plug, to the 3 in 1 colour, a nail file, manicure stick, cleanser and wipes. It's a very portable kit and good for keeping it all stored together. 

When I first read the instructions I thought the nail by nail process was going to take forever. In reality it was quite speedy. From buffing, cleansing, one layer - no base or top, 30 seconds under the lamp, cleanse and done! There's a lot of time saved by cutting out the base and top but also the fact that only one layer is needed. However, you can see on the photos that on some of my nails the white has shown through slightly. At times like this I wish the instructions explained how to do 2 layers. Maybe I just needed a thicker layer. I was very mindful of the fact that the instructions emphasised a thin layer of polish. A minor niggle which I'm sure I can overcome. I love the tiny little USB lamp that literally takes 30seconds and it's dry. Gone are the days of painting my nails, needing a pee and having the awkward challenge of unbuttoning my jeans.

There are a choice of 5 colours included in the starter kit and an additional 7 colours available individually. Electric or Treat is a gorgeous coral colour which is one of my favourites in the summer. It was quite nice having a break from dark and dull colours and injecting a bit of colour into my life in amongst the horrible weather. It also put a smile on my face when my Granny spotted my nails and complimented them. The shine really is noticeable and it's easy to be tricked into thinking I'd gone for a gel manicure.

I was a bit disappointed that a couple of the nails started chipping the next day. Perhaps I'd put too thick a layer on, too thin a layer on or put it too close to the edge of my nail. I'm not sure but by the second night of wearing Fuse the majority of my nails had a little chip. Not what I was expecting when it's marketed at no chip, salon worthy nails. 

Removing the Fuse Gelnamel wasn't too tricky, I used a combination of buffing and 100% acetone. Just be gentle and don't go too made or you'll end up with no nail left. It's very similar to gel polish when it comes to removal. 

I'm determined to work on how I apply it. Perhaps I'll experiment with doing 2 really thin layers, or maybe go a bit thicker? Has anyone got any hints and tips they could share? As for colours I'd love to try Gone Fission or Intens-so-fly next. £15 is quite a good price for a gelnamel polish.

What's your nail loves and loathes?
Have you tried the Sensationail gel or gelnamel at home kit?


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