PINK All I Want Body Mist Review

All I Want

The store I was most excited about visiting in America (after Sephora of course) was Victoria's Secret/Pink. I've visited the one on Bond Street in London but the big price tags put me off. After having a nosey on their website I knew it was much more affordable in New York and Las Vegas so I instantly started making a mental shopping list.

I've been close to buying some of the Victoria's Secret Body Mists from a UK seller on eBay so I was looking forward to trying them out in the store to find the one I liked the best.
If you've been in PINK or Victoria Secret you'll know that there's lots of scents to choose from and it can be a little overwhelming (especially when you've got a boyfriend who has already been waiting ages whilst you looked at all the hoodies). Thankfully one of the girls working there helped me out and led me to the Holiday collection. I sprayed a few of them and instantly loved 'All I Want'.

This body mist is a very sweet, girly scent and for me it's perfect to wear every day. It makes me think of Britney Spears Fantasy perfume, it's got the same vanilla scent - almost like a liquid cupcake! It was most practical for me to just buy a little bottle to fit in my suitcase weight allowance and then keep it in my handbag the rest of the time. I love the colours on the bottle, it's very girly and quite festive without being too over the top.

I'll definitely be buying a few Victoria's Secret or Pink Body Mists from eBay after trying out this one! Now the decision is what scent to get next.

What American store would be top of your list to visit?

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