Fitness Friday: Celebrity Training With Sam Faiers

So it's January, the month of detoxes and exercise resolutions. I'm no different, with a holiday looming in April I've got a lot of changes to make. Birthday celebrations, party nights and Christmas feasts I'm on the lookout for some help to sort my food choices and motivate me to workout. It didn't take long for Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers to pop up on my twitter timeline.

There's no doubt Sam Faiers has been looking amazing since entering the Celebrity Big Brother House last January but it's been well documented that her ill health made her weight plummet so it's not surprising that people will be sceptical of her latest fitness plan. 

The concept works on a similar basis to fitness sites like My Fitness Pal, Blogilates and POPsugar Fitness. The central hub of Celebrity Training with Sam is obviously the workout videos. Sam Faiers works along side Sophie Bradshaw and Nicole Attril, a trained personal trainer and healthy eating guru. The website says that the number of workout videos available will increase weekly as more are filmed. This is good for people that need something new to keep them interested. Celebrity Training with Sam works as a website and an app. You can have it on your phone or tablet which is handy if you're on the go and need a regular motivator. As far as the recipes go, there aren't too many on there just now. I'm sure these will increase as the website develops. There seems like a nice mixture of healthy meals and snacks. I'd say if it's nutrition help that you're looking for at the moment, Celebrity Train won't be the first website you should look at.

I'd recommend trying out the trial to find out if it's the right thing for you. If you're on a tight budget it might suit you better then signing up to the monthly gym membership, though remember you'll need the space and motivation to get fit in your own house!

Have you joined Celebrity Training with Sam, or any similar Celebrity inspired programmes?

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