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Favourites of 2014

To keep this short and sweet I thought about the beauty products that I'd been using throughout 2014, the ones I can't live without and ones I'd buy again tomorrow if I'd have to.
2014 was a year that I embraced the smokey eye for nights out and the Urban Decay Basics Palette became an essential. The colours are perfect for a few different looks and the shadows are high quality and well pigmented. Continuing with the eye theme the Benefit's They're Real mascara has been part of my daily makeup for the majority of 2014. With blonde lashes that are quite long but don't have much curl They're Real can work absolute wonders. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again and again. With dry skin I find my lips are quick to feel dry too. I've gone through many lip balms but EOS has been the only one this year to show noticeable, lasting improvements. I'm glad they're easier to get a hold of in the UK too. I've used ghd straighteners for probably around 10 years but I upgraded my old styler to the new ghd Eclipse in 2014. The sleek design helped make straightening my hair and quick process and the ghd power means my hair stays straight for days. I've tried a few different foundations in 2014 but the one that I found to be most versatile, the best shade and non-drying on my skin was the Revlon ColorStay foundation for dry skin. It's always good to find such a great foundation that doesn't cost a fortune too. Lastly, the Tangle Teezer which has been a favourite for years and was used just as much in 2014. It's easy to think it's all about the hype but honestly it's the best hair brush, untangles my hair in seconds and doesn't pull or hurt. If you've not tried one yet, it's worth the £10 to find out how amazing they are.

Do you love any of the products that I've mentioned?
What were your favourite products of 2014?

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