Fashion and Beauty Freebie Finding Tips*

Finding a free or discounted product can be a real buzz. If you’re a fashion and beauty fanatic like me, you’ll get seriously excited when occasional freebies pop up. Fashion and beauty freebies or sales are some of the most popular, so the key thing to remember when trying to get hold of them, is to be quick! Some stores or brands will give away a set number of products or limit vouchers to a certain amount before the deal closes. Here are a few key ways that you can make sure you never miss a freebie again!

Sign up! Firstly you need to sign yourself up to anything and everything! The more places you are signed up, the more information you are going to have access to. You can’t expect to receive the latest news and hot deals if you’re not looking in the right places to begin with. Take a look at companies websites. Most of them will have a newsletter or email list that you can get on. Add yourself to this and stay updated. You can also follow your favourite brands on their social media accounts. Popular places for brands to give away freebies or post deals is on the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

Make an account! Try making a separate email account for your freebie hunting. You need to check this on a very regular basis for it to benefit you though. It will keep your daily or work emails separate to your freebie and deals emails though. This will lead to better organization and a dedicated approach to finding those freebies and getting to them in record time.

Getting free samples daily by mail is a great way to keep you motivated on your freebie hunting journey! You will soon learn which companies give out the most free products and discount codes and can then keep a closer eye on those.

Interacting with popular brands! Brands love to hear your comments. If you love a product, then get on Twitter and rave about it. Be sure to direct your tweet to the company you are talking about and mention their Twitter handle directly. You want them to see what you are saying. The same works if you are disappointed with a product. Brands want to keep you happy. Some would often offer you a free product or a sample of a different product to try if you weren’t pleased with your purchase. Be fair and give detailed comments or reasons why you liked or disliked a product. Companies pay good money for market research, so getting your thoughts for free is a huge bonus.

Join a community! To get access to the best freebies, you should join a community. There are loads to choose from on Facebook. Most of them have their own groups and are either set to ‘members-only’ or public. Just join the group with the most members, and you’ll get notifications pop up daily with the latest deals to click through!

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