Batiste Floral Essences Review

I'm sure most of you will have heard of and used Batiste dry shampoos before, they're the UK's number one dry shampoo brand. Recently I've noticed that their range has grown from just a handful to over 4 categories packed full of scents, designs and purposes. I've tended to stick to the basics but the Floral Essences caught my eye.

Get in touch with your feminine side by treating your hair to a fashion trend fave. This floral fusion refreshes hair using summer scents for hair that looks and smells gorgeous.

I know it's not Summer but the gorgeous floral print design on the bottle meant I couldn't resist. Floral Essences is very fruity with melon, orange and peach along with floral scents like rose and water blossom. I think it might be my favourite Batiste scent yet. As with the rest of the scents the dry shampoo leaves a bit of a white residue and needs to be rubbed in quite well. It is a fantastic dry shampoo though and gets rid of greasy roots and refreshes my hair for another day. With such long, thick hair I try and only wash my hair every 2-3 days so Batiste is a bit of a lifesaver. You can't really go wrong at £2.99 a bottle for quickly refreshed hair and sweet smelling hair.

No dry shampoo/Batiste first applied/Batiste Rubbed in

Are you influenced by a beauty product's packaging?
How often do you use dry shampoo?


  1. Ohh Batiste's Dry Shampoo is my favourite~ ^ ^
    I use Blush! ^ - ^

  2. The packaging is so beautiful! I used to always buy Batiste :)


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