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Kodak Catch Up: Festivities

My Picks of Books, Films and TV Shows of 2014: #CurrysFiresideFiction

Being on holiday from work has given me time to spend time with family, drink lots of prosecco and eat amazing food but it's also given me time to chill out and relax. As a teacher I spend a lot of my evenings planning, marking and researching. When it comes to having me time I enjoy blogging and end up missing out on time to watch films, TV series' and read books. So these holidays I've taken full advantage of having that time (albeit sometimes with a bit of a hangover). 

When Curry's got in contact to tell me about their #CurrysFiresideFiction competition it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share the book, film and TV programme that's been getting my attention this year.

Favourite Book

When it comes to spending time on a plane nothing entertains me more than reading a good book. I find time passes so quickly as long as I've got my kindle in my hand. This year I had a bit of a mammoth reading sesh on my flight to New York (then Las Vegas) and I rediscovered my favourite book of the year; Katie Piper - Beautiful. I've read this before but having the time to read it again reminded me about how harrowing and inspiration Katie Piper's story is. It's a wonderful, positive books which tells such a shocking and horrible story. Even though I knew the whole story I just couldn't put it down.

Favourite Film
My favourite film of 2014 is more about the memories associated with it. 2014 seen the release of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a child, my brother and I loved watching the TV show and jumping about like mad men pretending to be them. Fast forward   16 years I ended up doing exactly the same thing, though this time there was green face paint involved. At Halloween my friends and I decided to dress up as the TMNT and I had the best night out. Following the success of our handmade costumes (right down to the weapons) we decided to watch the film in the cinema. The film is easy viewing, funny and brings a smile to my face just thinking and reminiscing. Not exactly 10/10 quality but when it comes with personal memories it gets a bit of a boost.

Favourite TV Programme
Revenge has been around since 2011 but has remained a firm favourite of mine every since I watched the pilot episode, passing the time at work. These holidays have been a chance for my boyfriend and I to catch up on the latest season together (munching away on all of our Christmas chocolates). The thing I love most about Revenge is the tense seasons, the well-paced story line that always leaves us confused for a moment and gets our brains racing to figure out what's going to happen next. I'm well and truly hooked.

If you've entered the Fireside Fiction competition feel free to leave your link in the comments, I'd love to see what you've been loving in 2014. If you've not entered yet then don't miss out on the chance to win an entertainment package worth £300! Be quick though, you've only got until midnight on the 31st.

What's been your favourite Book, Film and TV programme of 2014?

Fair Isle Festive Nail of the Day

Primark Christmas Fashion Nails

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fantastic day!
After the build up to Christmas being long and exciting at work I couldn't wait for the big day. The long wait is over and I had a brilliant day spent with my family, my boyfriend and his family. We spent the day eating, relaxing, playing games and drinking. It was perfect. Now I'm back to a bit of normality, before the New Year celebrations, I thought I'd share what was under the Christmas tree for me.
Every year I love to see people's Christmas pictures on instagram, videos on Youtube and blog posts sharing what they got. It's not about bragging or boasting, it's just a bit of fun and maybe a bit of inspiration for sale shopping. I've done one of these posts in 2012 and 2013 so I'm keeping up tradition by doing it again this year.

My big present this year was a bit of a cheat on mine and Santa's part. Michael Kors is my favourite designer and I knew I wanted a new watch this year. I actually bought this watch after seeing it in Las Vegas and took it back to my parents who then paid my credit card bill. It was a bit of a bargain compared to British prices. I love the two tone colour, the large face, the bling, the fact that it goes with my pandora and tiffany's bracelet... everything.

I got a lovely bundle of beauty products this year which is no surprise as my family know my love for Benefit and Soap and Glory gift sets.  I got a glow makeup brush roll in my secret santa present which is gorgeous and perfect for my travels. My brother got me the Lee Stafford Big Fat Silky Smoother brush which I'm really looking forward to trying out and becoming an expert at blow outs. Another year and another Best of Benefit set... I love these, they are excellent sized mini Benefit products and as the name suggests its all the best selling products. My boyfriend treated me to the Jimmy Choo perfume which is already becoming one of my favourites. My boyfriend's parents got me the Nails Inc Ultimate accessory kit and the Soap and Glory sleep mask. 

My boyfriend has got me well and truly ready for the winter, buying me a cosy body warmer from Superdry and over the knee boots from Quiz. 

One of the most practical but thoughtful presents that I got was this personalised iPad Mini case. My current one was cracked and the smart screen was temperamental so this was a perfect replacement with pictures of some of my favourite people on the back.

I got some lovely home-y bits and pieces like the yummy smelling Fuzzy Duck black pepper and sage scented candle, Bahama Breeze Yankee candle and some live, laugh, love hearts. My boyfriend and I also got some personalised coasters from his parents with photos from our holiday to New York and Las Vegas. They are fantastic, and such a good idea.

My brother bought my new camera a snazzy home in the shape of this TLC camera case. I love the print, it's so girly and a bit like Cath Kidston. It's an oil-cloth material so will be alright in the rain and it's the perfect size for keeping my Samsung NX300 and all it's accessories while I'm out and about.

I'm ready for the rest of the party season with my new Cocktail kit, some cocktail pouches and a lucozade for the day after. The cocktail kit looks like one from Firebox or Prezzybox and it's really quite fancy. I'm looking forward to becoming a professional cocktail maker.

I got some lovely clothing bits and pieces this year. My boyfriend got me Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pyjama bottoms (I've become quite the fan after Halloween) and a mini hot water bottle hand warmer because he's convinced I've got a cold hand syndrome. I also got a cosy jumper (which I've already worn), a glitzy clutch bag (which I've already used) and a gossip watch.

Like any year I got some funny, random and practically gifts. My favourite was a Spider Catcher. I'm always called for help when it comes to those 8 legged creatures so fingers crossed this will help dispose of them from a distance. As part of a secret santa I got a frozen jigsaw puzzle set which put a smile on my face. I'm ready for 2015 with an Eeyore calendar, my car will be smelling lovely with a new Yankee Candle car jar, I was unlucky on my Christmas scratch card but I got gift cards and money to treat myself from friends and family.

I got a mountain of chocolates and sweeties this year which will make post-festivity detoxing a very difficult task. My parents got me and my boyfriend an amazing confectionary hamper from our local ice cream shop. It's packed full of tasty treats and turned out to be much better than getting a stocking from Santa.

I got so many lovely presents and I'm so grateful for everything I received. If you've done one of these posts or videos I'd love to see it, so leave a link in the comments.
What was your favourite gift you were given this year?

Christmas Night Outfit and Makeup

Dress: Primark
Tights: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Clutch: Primark
Bracelets: Pandora and Tiffany's

Christmas Day Kodak Catch Up

Festive Nail of the Day

I couldn't resist buying these penguin fake nails from Primark for only £1. There's a good fit for each nail, though I did have to file my actual nails down a bit for one or two. I wanted the nails to last over all the drinking and dancing festivities so I used Elegant Touch glue, but the Primark glue thats included would be good if you had nothing else. So far these have lasted a week with just a few scuffs being the only problem. 
I even got a compliment from the postie, these are definitely a talking point over the Christmas period.

Did you do something special for your nails this Christmas? Haul

The dangerous thing about Christmas shopping online is the temptation to buy stuff for yourself. That's exactly what happened when I purchased all of these goodies from Boohoo. The thing I can't explain is how I went from buying an Xbox One game for my boyfriend to onto in the first place. At least I bought a Christmas jumper though, eh, although I did buy a very unseasonal maxi skirt. I tried to buy the maxi skirt with a thigh high slit in the summer and it was totally out of stock so I jumped at the chance whilst no one else is interested. I'm also very happy with my other impulse buys. I wasn't too happy that it took nearly 2 weeks from order to delivery, thankfully it all arrived in time for my Secret Santa dinner and night out (the reason for the new Christmas jumper).

What Christmas jumper will you be sporting this year?
Have you made any self purchases whilst Christmas shopping?