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Boots Haul: Garnier, L'Oreal and Sally Hansen

It's so hard to go into Boots and just leave with the one thing you were looking for. 
My L'Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water is almost done so I made the money wise decision to try out the newest micellar water on the market - Garnier's. For the same price, £4.99, you get double the cleansing water - 400ml. Fingers crossed it's as good as Bioderma!
Whilst I was browsing I spotted the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation. Fleur had mentioned in a video that this was a dupe to Armani's Silk Foundation (which appeared in my wishlist) and apparently they're made by the same company. For less than a 3rd of the price I thought I'd give the dupe a go.
I couldn't pass up a 'Buy one get the 2nd half price' deal on L'Oreal products so repurchased the Mineral True Match Powder. I used to love this product but haven't bought it for a couple of years simply because I've been trying other products. As my MAC powder is nearly done, this will make a good replacement.
Last product was another impulse buy, what a surprise. I'd not really thought of using anything on my nails to help strengthen them, I was going for the 'lets just wait and hopefully they return to being strong and healthy'. Instead of testing my patience I bought the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Clear Polish. Fingers crossed this lives up to it's expectations. 

Can you go to Boots and leave with nothing?!
What impulse purchases have you made?

Style Crush: Lucy Mecklenburgh

Wedding Outfit: Little Mistress Wishlist

A special occasion always calls for a new outfit. I've got a wardrobe stuffed full of dresses but an invite through the post for a wedding dance has me searching online for a new dress in an instant. One of the first places I always look is Little Mistress.
They have a massive selection of dresses perfect for a big night out. They might be more expensive than my usual Primark or New Look but you can always guarantee high quality, amazing detail and lots of compliments (my 22nd birthday dress was gorgeous!)
My only problem when I start searching on Little Mistress is trying to narrow down my choice. 

I'm clearly loving the lace look this season! I'm still not set on the perfect one but because of my current outgoings (hen weekends, holiday booking and house saving) I'm going to have to stick to accessorising with stuff I already own. 
My boyfriend thinks the first dress is most 'me' (I suppose it's the pink) and I'd definitely be going for silver jewellery and black heels and blazer for this one.

Which dress do you like best?
What styles are you loving for SS14? Skater, body con, shift?

NOTD Models Own Coral Glaze & Juicy Jules

After reviewing Coral Glaze the other week I decided to return to it already and add a little bit of Juicy Jules to add some sparkle and glamour. These Models Own polishes work well together and inject a bit of colour into my cold, wintery, long days at work. 
The quality of the HyperGel polishes definitely help with my gel nail detox and my nails are starting to get stronger and back to their old long selves.

Do you like bright colours on your nails in the winter or are you strictly dark and neutral?
What do you do for an accent nail?

Primark Haul: February 2014

This smock style dress has been all over blogs and youtube videos recently and I was quite surprised it was still in stock in most sizes. It's a really bright pint and a lovely material.

A new workwear piece with a lovely little price tag. I love blouses of all shapes and sizes and surprisingly enough I don't have any in red. The flower print, the bow and little frilly sleeves make this a nice girly blouse that I'll be wearing with a cardigan on top for winter and sleeveless for summer.

I'm planning ahead to summer. Primark never has maxi skirts left in my size by the time I want one so I bought one just a tiny bit early. It seems quite good quality and a decent length, though I'm not sure if I'll be keeping the belt on it.

£6 down from £10
I can't resist anything with a bit of sparkle so these shoes were a must. Primark seemed to have a lot of shoes on sale, though these are the sort that probably cost about £6 full price last year anyway.

How girly is this jumper?! Because I don't wear necklaces I love finding jumpers with detailed collars, and this lace and pearl collar is beautiful. The jumper is quite lightweight and nice neutral colour. This could easily be seen for 3x the price in Top Shop, Miss Selfridge or Dorothy Perkins.

These were an implies buy. I was sort of thinking ahead to decorating my living room when I get a place of my own and couldn't resist buying them now. These cute little lights are battery operated which is good for placing them nowhere near a socket.

Edinburgh City Break: 3 Mobile Wifi Review

With a half term holiday in February we booked a little weekend away in Edinburgh back in December. We fancied a short break away to our favourite city, that used to be home, to unwind, relax and enjoy good shops and decent food.

The break was enhanced by 2 things - my Ocean Terminal gift card which allowed me to buy myself an iPad mini (which I've wanted for months) and the 3 Mobile Wifi* which set me on my way with my iPad.

This tiny little wifi device had me downloading apps in the car, finding directions to Livingston shopping centre and watching haul videos on my brand new wifi only iPad, as though I was sitting at home connected to my modem.
 I charged up the little device and was able to take it in the car which I thought was pretty cool, meaning I could use internet on my phone even when there was no 3G and internet on my iPad when I was nowhere near any wifi.
Even when I got back to the Highlands (where 3G doesn't exist) I was able to take my modem out to my grandparents house (who don't do technology) and show them my new gadget. I'm rather impressed.

What's your favourite city break destination?
How much do you rely on 3G?

Recent Competition Wins - Busy Bee Candles, Rodial and a £1000 prize package

Back in December during their Twitter Advent competitions I won a selection of nspa products. I'd heard good things about their products but had never tried any of them. I was impressed with the variety of products from a perfume to scrub, serum and hair oil. Some of my essentials!

A massive prize that came at the perfect time. Just a week before my weekend away to Edinburgh I won the Ocean Terminal Beat the January Blues competition on twitter. I won a prize bundle worth over £1000! A £500 voucher and vouchers for loads of restaurants and places inside Ocean Terminal. I've already spent the £500 (hauls to come soon), enjoyed a manicure and pedicure in Pure Spa, and had some free burgers.

I've followed Busy Bee Candles on twitter since they started and have only smelt one or two of their candles before. I'm going to have an amazing smelling room after winning a huge selection of wax tart melts, magic beans and burner. This was a lovely surprise in the middle of January.

Another December twitter win, some Rodial Super Fit Turbo Shots. These sound interesting but I still haven't given them a go. They're worth nearly £50 so hopefully when I use them I'll see some summer ready results.

Have you had a lucky start to 2014?

No 7 Soft & Soothed Cleanser Review

Winter always throws me into a skincare dilemma. My skin is very dry and dehydrated and the colder weather always leaves me needing even more moisture. Moisturisers aren't always enough so I thought I'd give a new cleanser a whirl and No7's Soft and Smoothed Cleanser sounded like it was worth a go.

'Sweep away make-up and impurities and help your skin stay soft and smooth with this gentle creamy cleanser'

Although my skin is dry/dehydrated it's by no means clear so instead of going for the very dry version I stuck to the normal/dry in hopes that my pores wouldn't be clogged up by a thick creamy cleanser. I'm quite impressed with how quick this works at removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean and moisturised. I have to admit I still can't resist using a Micellar soaked cotton pad afterwards, but that's just habit. No7 seems like a good brand for sensitive skin - this fragrance free cleanser left me with no troubles, no reactions, no breakouts.

Do you switch up your skincare routine in the winter months?
What do you prefer - cream or liquid cleanser? 

House of Fraser Wishlist

I've got some House of Fraser vouchers burning a hole in my purse and I can't quite decide how to spend them. Normally from House of Fraser I'd buy my makeup essential MAC MSF Natural but I feel like treating myself. For most of 2013 I wore the same pair of earrings only changing for the odd day but my ears became itchy if they were made of the wrong material. I reckon a pair of Guess Earrings would be perfect to wear everyday without feeling irritated. Or maybe I should indulge in some makeup. I really fancy the Naked Basics or the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation. Both products are highly talked about and ones I've never tried mainly because of the price. I'm not sure which I need more though - foundation or eyeshadow?
 Or I could treat myself with one of my favourite designers - Ted Baker - and get a gorgeous Ted Baker Purse. This one is simple but amazing, and would look great inside my MK bag. I'm also um'ing and ah'ing over the Kenwood Smoothie to go. I love a good smoothie but don't love washing the big massive blender that we've got in the house. Also don't like how impractical it is for one person, so really this one is perfect.

So many treats, not enough vouchers!
What should I choose?!

Style Crush: Emma Stone

Smart, Casual or girly - Emma Stone has it covered!

NOTD: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Pomegranate

My gel nail detox is going strong. I cut all my nails at the weekend as some had broken back and others were long but on the verge of breaking. They're all now really quite short by my standards but hopefully it means they'll grow back strong, healthy and at the same length.
I wanted a bright polish, as I think these look good on short nails, so I went for a Barry M Gelly polish in Pomegranate. It's a gorgeous fuchsia colour which only needed one coat. I'm happy with my bright, shiny nails but the length is going to take some getting used to!

Do you think different lengths suit different colours?