The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

Quarter Plan £5*
6 Month Plan £10
12 Month Plan £20

Beauty Box subscriptions have been around for years now, giving people the chance to try out new products and get a little gift in the post every so often. So many of the boxes have a selection of different product, a mixture of full size and samples or cost around £15. The idea of getting skin care products that wouldn't work with my skin put me off subscribing to some of them but The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Subscription doesn't have the same risks, or the same price tags.

What's in the box
The Discovery box is basically a new way to try out different fragrances so each box is full of fragrance vials, with a minimum of 5. 
The Classics Collection that I got had 10 samples including a minute bottle of Modern Muse as part of the 2 year celebrations. Rather than being full of the latest fragrances the Classics Collection box contains some of the biggest, most popular scents of the past few years. There's definitely some good ones in there.
Inside the Discovery Club boxes there's a mixture of male and female fragrances which is handy if you're looking to buy for a boyfriend, friend, brother or Dad. Not so handy if you want the box purely for yourself. My boyfriend was quite happy to take the 3 aftershave samples off my hands. 
Also inside the box you get an information booklet which lets you know everything about each fragrance along with a selection of discount vouchers. You can redeem the vouchers in store or online, which is fantastic for people that aren't close to a Fragrance Shop. The Classics Collection box has £60 worth of exclusive vouchers!

How it works
Once you've decided whether you want 1 (£5), 2 (£10) or 4 (£20) boxes you choose your plan and pay. Within 10 days you'll receive your box. If you sign up to the quarter plan you have the chance to cancel anytime you want, if you sign up to the other 2 you have to wait until your subscription is over.  

I like the idea of the Discovery Club box, it'd be a good one to share with your partner, but it's a shame the samples are so small. It would be even better if you got at least one miniature bottle (a bit like the 7ml bottle of Modern Muse). For £5 it's worth it for all the discounts and to try something new.

Have you got any beauty box subscriptions?

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