The Body Shop Body Brush Review

There's quite a lot to be said about body brushing online, with so many different benefits and different styles of brushes available. Being a bit of a sceptic I knew I didn't want to spend much on a body brush as I don't know how much it would actually benefit me. 
I stumbled upon The Body Shop Round Brush and at £8 it was one of the most affordable (that also looked like a good quality brush). 
The Body Shop explained the 3 benefits,

Removes dead skin cells
Helps stimulate skin microcirculation
ideal for dry skin that needs regular exfoliation,

and had a little bit of a 'how-to' (though it's probably worth looking else where to find out the different methods.)

When I first tried it out, I was quite shocked at how hard the bristles felt. I was expecting to see my skin turning bright red and irritated as I've got very sensitive skin. But there's no reaction from my skin at all. My skin has a bit of a tingle but I think that's a sign that somethings working. Turns out these sturdy bristles are good after all.

I use this brush on dry skin just before hopping into the shower. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth, and ready to be covered in body butter afterwards. The tingle that you feel right after body brushing is quite nice, My dimpled skin looks and feels a lot smoother after using it. I've been using it every couple of days and I'm quite happy with the improvements.

The little handle can be a bit hard to use, but once you get used to a bit of right hand/left hand scrubbing it gets easier. Definitely worth the £8 and a handy little size for storing and travelling. 

Have you tried body brushing?
Are you a sceptic when it comes to products like this?

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