Sienna X Extend and Perfect Gradual Tan Review

Sienna X Gradual Tan

I've had a bit of a journey with fake tanning, from using gradual tan in high school, to dabbling with wash off tan in uni and moving on to trying instant tans from Lauren's Way, St Tropez and Fake Bake to name but a few. After coming across Sienna X Extend and Perfect Gradual Tan I feel like I've gone full circle, though a bit less patchy this time I hope.

It's a lovely creamy product which is easy to apply. It's a shame the cream doesn't have much of a guide colour because you can risk having dodgy patches even though it's only 4% DHA (half the strength of regular fake tan).
After applying it two nights in a row a women at work commented on my tan, mentioning I tanned well in Vegas so the Sienna X gradual tan is definitely both quick working and natural looking. With a fragrance of coconut vanilla it's got quite a nice scent in the bottle but it does still have the typical fake tan smell just after you apply it. Thankfully it's not too overpowering and doesn't linger at all.
It does take a little while to sink in which can be a bit awkward in winter when you can't wait to get wrapped back up in your pyjamas and dressing gown!

I think i've been converted back to using gradual tan, and I've got this product to thank. My only bug bear is it's left my tanning mitt looking awful brown, but I can't complain too much.

Have you used Sienna X products?
What sort of tan do you prefer gradual, wash off or instant tan?

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