Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review


With long, dyed, porous hair that sees it's fair share of heat, it's quite understandable that my hair can feel a bit dry and damaged. After hearing about the award winning Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, I was so keen to see how it could 'transform my hair'. It was created by Philip Kingsley for Audrey Hepburn. It's a winner of the Instyle Best Beauty Buys in 2013 and 2014 and it's won awards by Bazaar. It seems to be quite a big deal in the beauty world.

Though the price tag for this high end hair treatment might seem a bit steep I can honestly say it's worth every penny. It only takes a little bit - many people say the size of a 50p but I used slightly more on my long hair - to cover your damp hair from roots to the ends.

I follow the instructions - using it on wet hair, massaging, leaving it to work it's magic then washing and conditioning as normal. The shower cap came in really handy for keeping my hair all wrapped up without getting my towel covered in product. I've got long thick hair and I tend to stick to the suggested 20minute wait, sometimes slightly longer. I always wrap a towel on my hair too, just to help the Elasticizer work it's magic with a little heat.

After using Elasticizer my hair feels nourished, softer and stronger. Unlike with some products, the results don't just disappear once you've washed your hair. Everytime I use the treatment I see lasting improvement in the quality of my hair. It's definitely worth the effort of a pre-shampoo treatment that adds about 25minutes to my hair care routine, every once in a while. I'm tempted to leave it on a bit longer!

The Elasticizer prides itself on being suitable for processed and unprocessed hair, fine, medium, coarse and African-Caribbean hair. If you're not sure it this is going to be right for your hair you can try out a smaller 75ml tube or a 20ml sample as part of a Philip Kingsley gift set. For those Elasticizer lovers you can get your hands on a huge 500ml or 1litre container. Lifetime supply, anyone?

Have you used anything by Philip Kingsley?
What are your biggest hair problems?

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