November Empties

This product was an unintentional empty. I'd only used it a handful of times. The last time I used it the spray stopped working and it just made a fizzing sound. Without being able to stop it I popped the lid back on and left it. I came back from work to an empty bottle and no fizzing. Goodbye a whole bottle - at least 180ml- of dry shampoo! Not impressed with that faulty bottle.

This is quite a strange product and not one I'd buy again. It's not really a fake tanning product and doesn't last that long. It was handy for adding a bit of shimmer but not worth the money.

I used this shower gel on my holiday to New York and Las Vegas. With only a couple of uses left it didn't take long to finish once I got home.

I'm a big fan of Clean and Clear and this is no exception. I've got a review of this on my blog and used this as a face mask quite regularly. Well worth the money and one I'll buy again.

I can't believe how long this shower gel lasted. I got this for my birthday last year and started using it around March or April. It's a gorgeous scent and I'd highly recommend buying it whilst you can - silly limited Christmas products.

Can you see why the Batiste was definitely not meant to be an empty? There's no way I could use that much dry shampoo in 1 month! The Vo5 dry shampoos are fantastic, especially if white residue is an issue for your hair. Highly recommended!

I've been using this product to help clear product build up and give my hair a good old clean so it's lasted for months! I might buy it again if my hair starts to feel like it's suffering from too much product again.

This is a product I've been using for months and been working through my stash (3 for £5 problems). It's a good deodorant and handy for throwing in your handbag.

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