Jessica Quick Dry 60-Second Dry Review

I've got 2 problems when it comes to painting my nails - waiting for the nail polish to dry and the colour chipping too quickly. I've not quite overcome the second problem but I think I've found a solution, for the first, in Jessica Quick Dry.

If you're anything like me you'll take your time painting your nails to perfection and as soon as you're finished you need the toilet or smudge your nails just picking up your phone to send a text. I was fed up of it and contemplated heading straight back to getting shellac but it loads of lovely new polishes for my birthday I was determined.

The Jessica Quick Dry cuts drying time from 10minutes to just 60 seconds using a science lesson style dropper. When I finish painting my nails I put a couple of drops of Quick Dry oil on each nail and leave them for around a minute. After that I'm good to go. No more missing blobs when I've rubbed my nails against my dressing table, laptop or nail varnish bottle!

A quick, easy and effective way of speeding up a manicure and quite the bargain from HairTrade

What are your problems when it comes to painting your nails?
Have you tried anything else from the brand Jessica?

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