The dangerous thing about Christmas shopping online is the temptation to buy stuff for yourself. That's exactly what happened when I purchased all of these goodies from Boohoo. The thing I can't explain is how I went from buying an Xbox One game for my boyfriend to onto in the first place. At least I bought a Christmas jumper though, eh, although I did buy a very unseasonal maxi skirt. I tried to buy the maxi skirt with a thigh high slit in the summer and it was totally out of stock so I jumped at the chance whilst no one else is interested. I'm also very happy with my other impulse buys. I wasn't too happy that it took nearly 2 weeks from order to delivery, thankfully it all arrived in time for my Secret Santa dinner and night out (the reason for the new Christmas jumper).

What Christmas jumper will you be sporting this year?
Have you made any self purchases whilst Christmas shopping?

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