ToxicFox Christmas Gifts: Claireabella, Typography of Love & Selfie Stick

Whether it's a git for a girlfriend, sister or friend who has everything or a personalised present to bring a tear to your Mum's eye has a huge selection of Christmas present ideas on their new bright, super organised website. Sometimes you know you want to buy a present that's unique, strange or funny but you can't quite figure out what the perfect gift would be. Toxicfox has all of it covered with their gift idea headings and huge range of popular brands including ClaireaBella and Typography of Love.

The award winning, best selling  fashion bag that are a favourite amongst celebrities are just a few clicks away on Toxicfox. The personalised ClaireaBella Jute bags allow you to choose everything from hair colour and style, to clothes and skin tone along with a name up to 12 characters. 
Each bag is hand painted with added sparkle and bow. The turn around from my order to the beautiful pink package landing on my doorstep was quite quick but you'll have to order quick to be 100% sure to get it in time for Christmas.
I'd highly recommend a ClaireaBella for any lady whether they'd use it for work or shopping.It's especially handy for any ladies in Scotland trying to get used to the new bag charges!

My Mum is quite sentimental and after getting a word art print as a bridesmaid gift I knew it would be perfect for my Mum. Typography of Love has made word art available on everything from phone cases to cushions, chocolate bars to mugs. I knew a classic framed print would suit my Mum best and hang pride of place in her bedroom.  Like the ClaireaBella products, all of the Typography of Love gifts are completely customisable. I chose the shape of the print, frame colour, font colour and added in words unique to us. It's definitely a unique way of saying how much I love her. The print its self is very clear and the mixture of colours, fonts and added sparkle make it a gift anyone would treasure. The frame is high quality and has a sturdy hook on the back. 

This trending product of 2014 is the perfect Secret Santa present for anyone that's partial to a selfie or two. The Selfie stick is a nifty little gadget that adds a bit of fun to any night out, including the work Christmas doo. The extendable stick fits easily into a handbag, plugs into  most smartphones (including iOS and android) and instantly works without any bluetooth, app or temperamental remote control. 

That's the ladies sorted, perhaps I'll be back on Toxicfox getting my Dad, brother and boyfriend sorted! 

Do you use gift categories to help you with your Christmas shopping? Check out the ToxicFox Youtube for a bit more info about how to be a gift hero this Christmas.


  1. I love the idea of a selfie stick, but I would feel so self conscious walking around with it. plus I do not think my DSLR would fit on one.


  2. They are fab! I've not used it in public very much but its perfect for at parties. It's definitely only for phones, sometimes I feel like my iPhone might even fall out of it. xo