Soap & Glory: The Scrub of your Life Review

The Scrub of Your Life

It’s thick, it’s foamy, it’s fantastically fresh, it’s satisfyingly stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads. Scented with our Original Pink™ fragrance.
The Soap and Glory™ The Scrub Of Your Life Smoothing Body Scrub has a scent that combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and warm vanilla.

After dressing up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween and covering myself in green face paint for a really authentic look I faced the task the next morning of getting the green paint off. That's when I was reunited with The Scrub of Your Life. There couldn't be a more aptly named product for the task and couldn't be a better product to help me look very less green.

Unlike a few of Soap and Glory's other products that come in a tub which means scooping out product, getting it stuck under your nails and filling up the tub with water, this one comes in a handy tube. It's much more convenient and I find means less product is wasted.

Since Halloween I've been using it nearly every time I hop in the shower. It's brilliant at removing dead skin gently and doesn't irritate my dry and sensitive skin at all. I like the fact that it get a bit foamy as you scrub and a little seems to go a long way. I've been using it to scrub away dry skin and getting my legs ready for defuzzing. It's always handy to know that there's no battle between this product and my razor.

Soap and Glory are well known for their sweet scented products and this one doesn't let them down. It's packed full of fruity scents, I'm a huge fan of their "Original Pink Fragrance"

So whether it's green face paint or dodgy fake tan Soap and Glory's Scrub of Your Life is definitely one to try! I'll be repurchasing it when it runs out, unless anyone fancies buying me it in a Christmas set?

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