Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer Review

Imagine! In just one week, you’ll start to see the QuickMax difference. When you look in the mirror, you’ll know you’re on the way to having eyelashes and eyebrows that are:
1. Fabulously longer looking
2. Fabulously fuller looking
3. Fabulously expressive

A product that can transform your eyelashes in just a week sounds too good to be true but was I was quite eager to try out. Trying to keep my skepticism under wraps I began testing out QuickMax every night after taking off my makeup.
I expected it to be like a mascara that would be applied through the lashes so I got a bit of a fright when I opened it up and found the brush applicator. Fortunately, it was really easy to apply, it was just like using a liquid eyeliner but without worrying about a wonky line!

I had noticed that my lashes were getting longer after only 2 weeks when the ends starting touching the skin below my eyebrows. I also felt like my eyelashes looked fuller and not so spidery even though I was using the same mascara through the whole 2 weeks. There's nothing more convincing than when someone else notices. My Mum made a comment one morning before work, when I just had a quick layer of mascara, that my lashes looked different, she finally elaborated to explain she though I'd starting using individual lashes. I was quite impressed that she, both knew what individual lashes were, and thought my eyelashes had grown that much.

"How QuickMax works
It contains a patented combination of ingredients that actually rejuvenate the growth cycle of your lashes or brows. It also builds up the tissue that anchors your lashes, so the tissue retains the lashes longer and gives them more time to grow.
The ingredients in QuickMax include an advancedhair-growth enzyme, plus a natural hair-follicle stimulant to make the enzyme work faster. This remarkable formula also includes a high-tech moisturizer, called hyaluronic acid. So it conditions the skin of your eyelids and eyebrows while it stimulates new growth.
The unique serum also repairs dry, brittle, or damaged lashes and brows that can be due to aging or the use of harsh mascara."

I'm not sure whether to carry on using it after seeing the positive results or if I stop will all the growth disappears, although I have to say a quick swipe every night doesn't take long so it might just stay part of my routine!

Are longer, fuller lashes something you try and achieve?
What eyelash products have you used, or is mascara as far as you'll go?

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