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October Empties

Not many empties this month, I seem to be buying more new products than I'm using up recently, perhaps a project 10 pan is needed!

This is the second or third empty Vo5 dry shampoo after buying it on offer a few months ago. I'm gutted it's done, it's such a good dry shampoo and doesn't leave any horrible white residue. I'll definitely buy it again but just now I've got a few Batiste bottles to get through after winning a big bundle.

I reviewed this not long after buying it when it first came out and still stand by my love for this foundation. This is technically my second bottle after repurchasing it in a lighter shade, I just never managed to finish the slightly darker foundation. I'll have to wait until the summer to use it up so high chance I'll be buying this in the lightest shade again.

Bourjois does fantastic face products, especially for pale skinned girls and this was one of them. I used it for both blemishes and under my eyes. My only gripe was the packaging, when it started running out it took a lot of twisting and squeezing and nearly always ended up with far too much coming squirting out. I'd recommend it though, maybe chopping it with scissors when it starts to run out.

This product is just slightly out of date, I've had it so long! When I first bought it I used it as a standard cleanser but I found it a bit too thick and it ended up taking up residence in the bathroom for removing mascara after a shower. Using a tiny bit a day, no wonder it lasted ages!

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