Kodak Catch Up: Halloween to Birthday Celebrations

We were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween- all homemade costumes.
 My post-Halloween hangover cure.
An impostor I found in Asda.

The St Tropez Wash Off mousse is essential for a last minute night out.
We tried marshmallow vodka to celebrate cheese music night. 
Trying out costumes for Children in Need.
 The first of my American sweeties to be finished.

A lovely addition to a quiet night in.
The excitement levels rocketed then plummeted when I found out S Club 7 were in Glasgow on a school day.
The 1st of my 3 birthday dinners - Chicken and garlic bread starters.
Cajun Chicken burger which was delicious!
My birthday weekend breakfast - Lucky Charms.
Searching for a Christmas jumper in Primark.
Goats cheese followed by cheesecake in McGonagals, Inverness.

Snowman poop made for the school Christmas Fayre,
My birthday balloon.
More goats cheese for my birthday dinners.
I'm like a little kid!

My gorgeous Tiffany and Co bracelet from my boyfriend.
The Samsung NX300 from my parents.
A chocolate cake to finish the celebrations.

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