Fitness Friday: Nike Trainers

Nike Flex Experience

Trainers are definitely not my footwear of choice but a good pair is essential for a workout. I had been relying on a pair that were at least 6 years old and they were really starting to get worn out. With a treadmill in the house I quite often hop on for a quick run or a long uphill walk (whilst watching YouTube or Netflix!) and I needed a new pair that would give me proper support. I didn't fancy paying much so I headed straight for

Sports Direct has some amazing bargains on all things fitness so finding an affordable pair of trainers was quite an easy job, made even easier by the fact that their Youth trainers go all the way up to size 6. Being able to buy a pair of kids trainers saved me at least £10 and didn't mean I'd have to compromise on brand, style or purpose.

I managed to get my hands on these beautiful bright blue and pink Nike trainers which have increased airflow and breathability, have a durable but flexible sole and pattern grip all for less than £30 - perfect for walking, running or even a workout DVD. They're really comfortable, true to size for adult feet and most importantly look good.

If you're lucky enough to have feet no bigger than a size 6 I definitely recommend checking out the Youth section for a bit of a discount. If blue doesn't fit in with your workout wardrobe they've got purple and black too!

What brand of trainers are your favourite?
Do you prefer bright and noticeable or neutral and understated?

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