Emporio Armani Diamonds Perfume Review

Diamonds for Women

The sensory blend is a surprising gourmand fragrance to give a stone a flavour and to a woman a self confident and audacious feeling.
The rose, a symbol of femininity is made edible and succulent through the addition of a touch of litchi and raspberry.

After my boyfriend was raving on about Emporio Armani Diamonds for men I had to check out the girls version. The bottle is gorgeous. It's such a simple but effective idea to style the bottle on a diamond and it's a small, compact bottle which fits nicely in my makeup bag. 

The description above is definitely just a complicated way of saying it's a floral and fruity fragrance.The scent is very fresh and girly which is perfect for wearing on a special occasion or even as an everyday perfume.

Do any of your perfumes remind you of somewhere or someone? This perfume was the one that me and the other bridesmaids used on Selina's wedding day so it will always remind me of that day. Because of that I like to keep it for special occasions and nights out but it did join me for my trip to New York and Las Vegas.

Have you tried Diamonds Rose?

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