Christmas Gifts: Frame Again

Frame Again

After taking hundreds of photos on our holiday to New York and Las Vegas I knew I wanted to get my boyfriend something using at least one of those pictures for Christmas. The problem with photo gifts is they can sometime be a bit girly so I was delighted to come across Frame Again. 

Frame Again was started in Camden by Jake and Joe who took their love for technology and combined it with the traditional feel of a framed photo on display. With a recent offer from Dragon's Den I'm sure Frame Again is going to grow from strength to strength. 

The cool thing about Frame Again frames is the magnets. The photo is held in using powerful magnets. Frame Again frames all stick together with magnets. So the more photos we take the more Frame Again photos I'll have to take and the bigger his magnet frame display can be! Until then he can put it up on his wall using the picture hook on the back.

I took my photo straight from Facebook and unlike from some printing companies the photo is high quality and looks great both up close and far away. I didn't realise until I checked the website but the pictures are 5.5" by 5.5". Quite a nice square size and one that can be printed in places like Boots and Tesco if he decides he no longer wants to look at our mugs in front of Times Square.

Each frame can be personalised by changing the base and ring colour. With choices from black, blue and red to pink, yellow and orange there are loads of combinations to suit the person you're buying for. There's also a small selection of Frame Again's favourite combinations which is quite handy when the choice gets too much for you. I'm so glad I chose blue and white, they look cool together and are perfect for my boyfriend's taste and room.

The postage was fantastic, it only took a couple of days from ordering to landing through my letter box. It came in a little cardboard box with a Frame Again sleeve to explain the whole concept. A gift card is option which is handy if you fancy sending it straight to the recipient.

 I highly recommend Frame Again for boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, parents... basically most people who'd appreciate a sentimental photo gift with a bit of magnetic coolness.

What sort of photo gifts are your favourite to give and receive? What colour combination would you choose from Frame Again?

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