Soap & Glory Hand Food Review

I consider myself to be a real grown up now that I use hand cream, but thankfully Hand Food is far from being a boring old grown up scent, design or brand.

I've found parts of my hands, in particular the edge of my hands and fingers, getting drier at work. I'm not sure whether it's the colder weather or the blasting heating in my classroom but I've never had to use hand cream before. I used to find that hand creams would just feel sticky and never properly sink into my skin but Hand Food it's really quick and effective. It softens my hands and gets rid of any dry bits fast.

The scent is very sweet and sugary, almost like marshmallows, so if sickly sweet isn't your style this won't suit you. I find I can smell the scent every so often for nearly an hour after I've used it. That suits me perfectly!

I can't believe how long this bottle is lasting, it makes £5.50 seem like a total bargain. I'd highly recommend just buying the travel sized bottles as they'd last for months if you're only putting it on once or twice a day.

Is hand cream a must have in your handbag?

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  1. I have EOS pink one in my purse.. I like that one because it doesn't make my hands greasy either !