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September Favourites: Clinique, Benefit, Revlon and Holidays

I've been loving this gentle and quick way of removing makeup. The solid balm melts onto my skin and removes every last trace of mascara and eyeliner that I've packed onto my eyes. It's nice to use a product that doesn't make my skin feel dry after using it.

This took a little while to get used to but since getting the hang of it I've been loving it. The gel glides on easily, it's a dark black line that doesn't smudge or flake easily and it's actually practically full proof (once you know how). It's nice to get back to wearing eyeliner.

My skin has been so dry lately and this has been it's saviour. It's such a lovely gel consistency  and just a little bit adds so much moisture to my skin. Although I've barely used any of my mini pot I'm tempted to buy a full size version when I head to New York.

This has been a favourite of mine so many times. It's a foundation I save for nights out as it's quite thick and full coverage. I find it too much for a long day at work but good for a perfect skin look on a night out. I'm not sure why Revlon didn't do an English-version packaging, the spelling drives me insane.

New York
I can't exactly class New York as a favourite yet but I'm sure in less than 2 weeks it will be one of my favourite places. This month we've been planning and researching New York, from reading about it online, to watching videos and getting together for meetings around a map. I can't wait to finally go now! 

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