Palmolive Smooth Delight Review

Palmolive Smooth Delight Shower Milk (Macadamia Oil and Cocoa) is enriched with 100% natural macadamia oil, as well as extracts of cocoa, which has moisturising properties, leaving skin radiant and lightly scented.

In the summer I love using a fresh, fruity shower gel but into the winter months I tend to turn to a creamier product and the Palmolive Smooth Delight Shower Milk ticks all the boxes!

The rich, velvety cream is perfect for nourishing dry skin in the colder months and the 100% natural macadamia oil and extracts of cocoa blend make for the perfect moisturising body wash. A little bit goes a long way and the gorgeous scent isn't overpowering but manages to linger for just long enough, normally until I'm all wrapped up in my pyjamas on the couch!

You know you've got a good product when your Dad keeps nicking it! He's got very sensitive skin and finds it hard to use any products with strong fragrances but this one is packed full of natural ingredients and doesn't irritate his skin at all. At only £1.99 I can afford to let him get away with it, but he'll be buying the next bottle! Perhaps we'll be trying out one of the other scents, maybe honey or coconut.

What products do you turn to as the nights get darker and colder?

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