Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Review

Quickly and completely remove make-up without using cleanser with the jane iredale Magic Mitt. Promoting skin health, this cleansing cloth offers a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the oils that bond make-up to skin while the fibres gently exfoliate.

When I first heard of the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt I couldn't imagine taking my makeup off without using any products and was sceptical of how it would work. After seeing numerous rave, 5 star reviews, I was convinced to try it out for the sake of my sensitive skin.

It seems hard to believe that a simple cloth and water can remove every trace of makeup, including mascara. Any normal face cloth wouldn't manage the magic that this does. A little bit of warm water, some gentle circular motions and all my makeup is gone. My skin is left clean, soothe and soft.

One of the best things about the Magic Mitt for me is my skin never feels tight, dry or irritated after using it. With dry sensitive skin lots of products can leave my skin feeling agitated, even hot water can have a negative effect!

£16 is quite a lot to pay for what essentially seems like a face cloth but it actually works out as an affordable investment as it's reusable and will never cost you any more money (unlike products that run out as soon as your purse is empty). The Magic Mitt is easy to wash, just a little bit of soap to remove all the makeup and left to dry naturally and it's ready to use again. 

It's not totally ruled out my other skin care products. I still use my Clinique Cleansing Balm and Micellar waters but it's a fantastic alternative, especially for travelling or when my skin needs a break.

Have you used anything like the Magic Mitt?

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