TIGI S Factor Heat Defence Review

TIGI S Factor is one of those brands that I've heard spoken about for years, ever since I started watching YouTube videos, but one that I'd not tried before. Hairtrade.com has loads of S Factor products from shampoos and conditioners for all sorts of hair types. With savings of over £7 off the RRP it's a bit of a no brainer to turn to Hairtrade to try out their products.

I finished my heat defence spray a few months a go and still hadn't replaced it so I was looking forward to trying out a new one and S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray fitted the bill perfectly.

The bottle is quite strange, its got a bit of a twist - I suppose it's aiming to be an S shape. I've seen a few people complain about the lid, saying it doesn't stay on. I've not had that issue but the plastic mirror style was an absolute nuisance to photograph! The 125ml bottle seems like it'll last for quite a while and isn't too big for travelling.

It's a very strange product, I can only describe it as a dry spray. With this, it's easy to spray far too much on which leads to greasy hair. I find it works best on wet hair before blowdrying and with care before straightening or curling.  There's no sizzle after using it and straightening and my hair seems to be protected from heat damage. I feel like my hair has a bit more shine since using it. The scent of the product is lovely, an amazing fruity smell that lingers which is always a good thing.

It seems TIGI's S Factor products are of high quality and a bit of a bargain from Hairtrade

Have you used any TIGI S Factor products?

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  1. Every time I go into the BSO I look at this product, thanks for doing a post on this product it gave me a little more info. Also my hair friend suggested to me also It's a 10 light ( white and blue bottle)