Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Review


Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter is a smooth, creamy, and velvety intense body lotion. With skin softening shea butter and aloe vera to attract moisture, some folks think it's a bit addictive!

Whenever I start to feel poorly (i.e catch a bug from the kids at work!) one of the first things that happens is my skin starts to feel really dry and dehydrated. This means I can't avoid the post-shower moisturise which I sometime do when it's just too cold in the bathroom. The past few days I've found myself loving The Righteous Butter and it's dreamy ways.
Even with a blocked nose I can smell the gorgeous scent and it's been fantastic for locking in moisture and keeping my skin soft, smooth and feeling hydrated. The softening shea butter ingredients help to make it amazingly creamy. It sinks in quickly, even thought it's quite a thick butter, which is handy in a chilly bathroom when I'm ready to jump into my onesie. 

A quick and easy moisturiser that smells yummy and doesn't feel at all greasy - highly recommended for dry skin, a pre-tan treat or a pick-me-up treat.

What kind of moisturiser do you prefer, butters or lotions?

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  1. Great review ! I lean towards butters in the winter time, and lotions in the summer