Nail HQ Strengthener and Hardener Nail Treatment Review

I go through stages with my nails, some months I've got shellac week after week, the next month I don't even have time to get the shellac taken off properly. For those months (i.e. this month, thanks to a new job) my nails need some serious TLC. When you don't take shellac off properly you run the risk of soft, brittle nails that'll break at any knock. In attempt to rescue my nails I gave two of Nail HQ's Nail treatments a go.

A unique dual-action nail care product with keratin & Multi-fruit complex of alpha hydroxy (lactic & glycolic) acids.
This intensive nail strengthening treatment will help even the weakest & softest nails become stronger.
The strengthening of the nails will promote nail growth by diminishing breakage.
The first thing I noticed about the strengthener polish was it's thin consistency and cloudy colour. The 10ml bottle is a good size and the brush is a good size for applying it quickly but neatly. As for it's performance, it didn't seem very quick working. It took a few days for my nails to feel stronger, by that time a few of my weaker tips had broken off. Baring in mind my nails were quite soft and chipped after picking off my shellac it's not too much of a surprise that I had a few broken nails. I suppose all that can be said is it's a good strengthening polish but don't use it when it's too late - it's not a miracle worker. I'll be using this for the next few weeks to help my nails back to health.

Nail care treatment specifically formulated for thin and weak nails. The external reinforcement provided by this Mineral-enriched formula will help nails become tougher and more bend resistant.
This formula is designed to help toughen and protect the nail. It will help prevent nail brittleness and splitting to normalize and promote nail growth.
This product contains collagen & a unique mineral complex infused with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Aluminium and Manganese.
The hardener polish is clearer and thicker than the strengthening polish and seemed to work on the outside creating a barrier against damage. I was impressed with how quickly the polish dried, my nails felt protected almost instantly. This reminded me of a gel top coat, it worked quickly and was quit thick. The Hardener seemed to be a quicker fix than the Strengthener so if you're looking for an instant aid I'd recommend this. 

They've got quite a few others in their range depending on your nail needs and they're all reasonably priced. The ridge filler and Gel Top Coat might just be next in my Tesco or Bodycare shopping basket. Just now I'm going to keep treating my nails to the Hardener and Strengthener to help them grow strong.

Have you used anything by Nail HQ?

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