My New York Plan

With only 3 full days in New York we've been frantically planning to make sure we fit in everything we want to do. None of us have been to New York before so the plans are extremely touristy but that's not a bad thing, right?

We arrive around 5pm to New York so it's not really classed as Day 1 but we're hoping once we've found our hotel we can go to Times Square to see the chaos of a Sunday night and depending on how we are feeling I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a visit to Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Day 1
Our plan for Day 1 is to head straight for Central Park. After a lot of disagreement we've finally come to the agreement that a bike ride (not tour) will probably be our best bet for getting around as much of the park as quickly as possible. Let's not think about the fact I've not rode a bike in years!
Onto Grand Central Station/Terminal so I can have a Gossip Girl moment, before heading to 5th Avenue and definitely making a pit stop at Tiffany's!
Following lots of research we've opted for going to the Top of the Rock rather than the Empire State. I'm sure the day will end with another visit to Times Square, some good food, perhaps a night time trip up Top of the Rock and some late night shopping in Sephora, Forever 21, M & M world and Toys'r'Us.

Day 2
We'll be starting our day with a subway ride down town and catching the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. I've probably got the rest of the day in the wrong order but I know it involves seeing Ground Zero (and the church nearby?), a walk along Brooklyn Bridge and heading up towards SoHo, Little Italy and the Central Perk Pop Up! Again there's no definite night time plans but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a musical perhaps.

Day 3
We've kept day 3 unplanned, with 6 of us going there's sure to be things that some want to do that others don't. It'll be a chance for us to revisit anything we feel we didn't see enough of or maybe just some more shopping! I've not quite decided what else I NEED to see so I'm hoping you lot can help me out.

If you've got ideas for my Day 3 or any New York hints and tips please leave them in the comments!

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