Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System Review

Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System

A brighter, whiter smile is something most people wan t. Every toothpaste company has introduced the whitening ranges which can help on a day to day basis but don't make dramatic differences. Loads of salons offer teeth whitening treatments but unfortunately they come with quite a hefty price tag. Luster Pro Light is the UK's first complete DIY teeth whitening system that uses the same paint on gel and activating blue light technology used by dentists. The good news is it's a fraction of the price and is a safe route with no tooth or gum sensitivity (Crest 3D white strips, we're looking at you!)

The Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System comes with 10ml of Whitening Solution, 10ml of Activating Gel, a Dual-Action Whitening Light, instructions and a shade guide.
I found the shade guide quite hard to use, the colours were so similar I didn't pin point exactly what 'shade' my teeth were at the beginning. I decided to go ahead with the belief that my teeth were number 11 on the scale, but focused more on self perception and other peoples' opinions.  After 10 treatments my teeth have improved by around 6 shades but more importantly I've had comments from my parents, boyfriend and colleagues!

The treatment was so quick and easy to do. I couldn't believe it when my first treatment was over. It makes being able to do 10 in a day (to achieve a weekend schedule) pretty achievable. All you have to do is brush on whitening solution then activator and hold the light close to your teeth for 2 minutes.  It kind of felt like using a nail varnish on my teeth, it's got the same style applicator.  There was no horrible taste, it didn't hurt at all and didn't leave my teeth feeling at all sensitive. With feeling no effects I was worried I'd see no effects. 

I started off wanting to do 2 treatments a day aiming for a 7day schedule. By day 2 I was getting very excited and bumped it up to 4 treatments a day. I could see quite impressive difference from treatment to treatment.  I did have a bit of a problem with slevers, and trying to keep my teeth away from my lips and tongue for 30 seconds during the pretreatment and activator stages. But with no sensitivity or pain, I'm sure I can deal with looking like a fool for 30 seconds, I'm in the comfort of my own home after all.

It's totally portable, I could imagine having this in a suitcase for doing treatments before a special occasion. All you need is the 2 bottles of solution and the handheld light. It really is whitening to fit in your schedule.

I'm looking forward to maintaining my white teeth, just as long as I can fight my boyfriend off from stealing my Luster Kit!

What teeth whitening products have you tried?
How much would you pay for teeth whitening - at home or in a salon?

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