Ipanema Flip Flops Review

While most people are starting to think about Autumn and Winter I'm still in Summer mode with my holiday to New York and Las Vegas booked for October. We've got a full schedule planned for New York but our plans for Vegas are a bit more chilled and we'll be spending some time by the pool and enjoying the sunshine. With that I was keen to get my hands on a comfortable pair of flip flops that would take me from the pool to the shops. I needed something that I could slip on easily, that can be worn even with wet feet and ones that won't fall apart after a couple of wears. I think I've found the perfect pair from Ipanema.

Ipanema has long been one of Brazil's hottest flip flop brands. Proudly presenting the most stylish new designs every season, with the largest range of flip flops, sandals and wedges available in a spectrum of colours and finishes, the brand epitomises the look and spirit of Ipanema and it's colourful characters.

The problem with a lot of flips flops is the thin sole and being able to feel every stone on the pavement underneath. The first thing I noticed about these flip flops was the thick, almost squishy sole. When I put them on my feet felt comfortable and the sole didn't seem to sink away where the weight of my feet were. Ipanema flip flops have anatomic soles which means they're moulded to complement the contours of the sole and so, are a very comfy fit.

The 'bit between the toes' is quite often the sorest part of flip flops. Normally it's made of different material, can be sore and rub on the skin. The iPanema flip flops are all made with one material and there's no hard plastic in sight. To me they're quite comfortable and something I could wear for hours.

They're a gorgeous bright colour with high quality material meaning the colour isn't going to run or fade, and look worn out after a few days. I really like the metallic design along the strap and the silver goes perfectly with the teal sandal. There are such a wide range of colours and designs on the website so if bright and metallic aren't your style there's sure to be a different one that appeals to you.

The website does state to order iPanema flip flops one size up. I followed the advice and the fit is perfect. The size 6 is wide and long enough for my size 5 feet.

What are your flip flop bug bares?

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