Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2014


Looking to update your wardrobe for the current season? Before you shop online at VoucherBin, here is a look at the best autumn/winter 2014 looks, straight from the runway and easy to wear.

Power dressing
Cast aside the soft look and go for bold this season, because power dressing is here and in a big way. The power dressing this season should be accompanied with an appropriate amount of attitude. The colours for this season are strong ones like concrete grey, with soft lines making way for architecturally sharp angles. To complete the look, get a pair of thick heels.

Animal print
Animal print is back, but thankfully not in way it was a few decades ago. Subtlety is all the rage when it comes to animal prints this winter, while showing it across a wider area. For instance, Chloe showcased head-to-toe leopard prints on its dresses and Celine showcase the prints all over is overcoats in Paris. Snakeskin has also made it big this season, especially in accessories and coats. If you can get animal prints with a bit of floral prints and flashes of colour, that would be better.

Sixties looks
It is time for retro, and in a big way. Shift dresses, cigarette pants and miniskirts have made a comeback, and the sixties have never looked so fashionable. What makes this trend so incredible is that there is something for every frame, and comfort is a huge plus point. Low heels and flats are on, and the colour palette includes various shades of blue along with mustard and rust.

Fairy tale
For the big occasions, the trend for the season is fairy tale. Big names like Saint Laurent and Valentina have showcased wardrobes rich with references to the good old tales of Brothers Grimm and other childhood fantasies. This means woodland-animal motifs, long plaits and yes, even capes.

Weather-practical dressing
With weather conditions getting a little extreme this year, fashion is all about protecting yourself best and looking good while doing it. Waterproof has become stylish with macs and wellies and the coming winter is going to be really comfortable for the fashion-savvy, with plankets, sheepskin coats and cute knits making it in a big way.

Pastel hues and metallics

Whatever you choose, the colours go for this season are the candy shades and pastel hues. Leave out black for now and go for colours like rose, baby blue and peppermint. Similarly, metallics are also all the rage, so stack up on the silver and bling and flaunt it. Mix it up with your sixties look and give a nod to disco too while you are at it.

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  1. So excited for A/W fashion. My fave trend is the 70s this season. Gonna be rockin' flares for the next few months I think! Xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog