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August Empties

Do you have one of those products that you don't want to finish so you just don't use them? These Area H20 products are one of those for me. I had about a quarter left and decided to put them back on the shelf in attempt to keep them for as long as possible. I realised after a while how stupid this was and instead enjoyed every last drop of the shampoo. I reviewed both last year when I first started using them.

Another hair product and another that's featured on my blog. I liked using this as a standard conditioner rather than an intensive conditioner or scrub, which probably explains why it didn't last too long. If it happens to be on offer the next time I'm browsing the hair care aisles I'll probably repurchase it.

This was a bit of an unexpected empty. I feel like I barely got to use it before it dried out. With that being said, whenever I did use it I found it quite a dry product, so I'd manage to do one eye with a perfect line and flick, by the time I got to the other eye the felt tip was much dryer and didn't do as good a job. I'll not be repurchasing!

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