University Halls of Residence Room Tour

It's been 5 years since I raided Primark, Matalan and Ikea before moving into halls of residence at the University of Edinburgh. I remember buying so much stuff and packing up loads of clothes for a room I had no idea what it would look like. I went to Edinburgh to study Primary Education and when I applied for my accommodation I chose 3 places quite close to my university buildings. When I got my accommodation back I was given a place that I didn't choose, a place that I'd never heard of and one that was probably the furthest away from my campus. Sciennes is quite a big set of halls with buildings on 2 sides of the street, in quite a nice area of Edinburgh. Moving to uni is a rather daunting experience. I was moving 6 hours (or 8 hours on the train) away from home so Edinburgh wasn't really a place I was familiar with. I was quite lucky to be living one floor away from a friend I've had since Primary school and in the end living really close to 2 others who ended up being my best uni friends. 

I thought I'd share pictures from my university room to help people get an idea of how big their room might be, some storage ideas and how awful the uni decor can be. However, most uni rooms are different. One of my friends had a huge room, my boyfriend lived in unite which are all pretty standard, and my flat was like a little maisonette with the kitchen up a set of stairs and the rooms down stairs. 
Please bare in mind when I took these photos it was never for a "room tour". I took them as a little reminder of what my first room away from home was like, and probably to prove to my Mum that I'd managed to keep it tidy. I wish back then I'd thought of taking a picture of the little toilet room, the bathroom and the kitchen but I wasn't that clever, and I probably didn't want photographic evidence of how unclean it all was.

What was your halls of residence like?


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  2. Wow it looks like you had LOADS more storage space than I'm going to have! Gisforgingers xx

  3. These photos have got me reminiscing about my days at uni! It seems like a lifetime ago now but I remember buying all my bits and bobs to take with me as well and packing them all into my tiny room :) x