Primark Haul: August 2014

This playsuit jumped out at me as soon as I walked into the huge Edinburgh Primark. Hearing everyone talking about their summer holiday purchases I decided to buy this to wear in Vegas in October (planning ahead).

A boring basic, but totally essential cardigan. I don't actually own any navy cardigans so this was a must have.

Primark has a lovely range of £6 blouses at the moment but because I've already got a couple of patterned ones I thought it was about time I bought a plain one for work that I could wear  with bright cardigans or scarves. 

Another work purchase, I needed some comfortable shoes for work and the slipper style look quite good with black trousers or a dress.

I love wearing camis just now and Primark's are as good as any. I needed a plain white one and this was perfect, though it creases really easily.

As soon as I spotted these on the shelf I was hunting down a size 5. They're so pretty and really don't look like their from Primark. 

£2 (down from £4)
These colours are a bit wintery and they go with my jacket well so I might just save it for the colder months.

Another practical purchase, especially for Edinburgh's bipolar weather. It's quite nice to be able to wander around the shops and festival without a jacket on but the rain was never too far away.

My fringe is at the stage that it's far too long for a full fringe, but too short and awkward to wear as a side fringe. I've been twisting or pleating it back to the side and these little clips look quite cute and hold my hair back securely.

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