Michael Kors Beth Sunglasses: Shadestation

Michael Kors

If you know me you'd know my favourite designer brand is Michael Kors. Whether it's handbags or watches, or lusting after their makeup products. Even my boyfriend can spot a Michael Kors item a mile away. So getting my hands on a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses sure did put a smile on my face. 

My past sunglasses have tended to be from Primark, New Look or Accessorize if I was pushing the boat out. So the quality of these glasses to me is amazing. They're comfy on the bridge of my nose and aren't too tight or loose on top of my ears. 

It's not often that Scotland has sunny days without any clouds in the sky so it can be quite hard to truly put sunglasses to the test. Instead I took these gorgeous glasses to both Tunisia and Egypt with my last year. Beach days and cocktails, risky I know, but man these sunglasses work well. 

The case is a bit big for throwing in a handbag or beach bag but it does a good job at keeping the glasses safe and it's not a super tight squeeze that you worry about breaking them just trying to fit them in.

Do you have a good pair of sunglasses and another pair?
What brand would you LOVE to own?

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