Edinburgh Photo Diary

No outfits of the week post this week. I was in Edinburgh and unfortunately my hotel room didn't have a full length mirror. I intended on sneaking into changing rooms to take my pictures but with all my Fringe Festival adventures and busy shops I didn't even manage that. Instead I'll leave you with a few pictures from my week and my 3 festival recommendations.

Road trip selfie, Pro Harvester Salad maker, Forth Rail Bridge, My old bus stop.

Royal Mile performers, An Old Mout Cider whilst Festival planning in Potterow, A peek up to the castle on my way to Nandos, Rose at the EICC for Daniel Sloss.

Lobster Salad at Wagamamas, Wagamamas picture, Photobombing my castle view, Two hilarious shoes - Mark Nelson and Kai Humphries.

Udderybelly at Bristo Square, Catch up with my uni girls, retail therapy.

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  1. Ooh we were there the same week as you! We managed to fit in 22 shows in the 5 days we were there and (much to the other half's dismay) I managed to pick up a few things in Primark too :-) xx