Blackhead Killer Mask Review

Blackhead Killer
£14.95 (5-pack)*

Hate pimples and fed up wasting money on treatments that don’t work? Stop fighting it and win the battle – with Blackhead Killer, the remarkable, all-natural new skincare sensation from America that removes pimples in just minutes.

The blackhead peel off masks have a very intriguing opening description on the StyleLux website and I was quite excited to try out these face mask sachets. 
The mask was quite scary looking, it was very black and sticky and as a result rather messy!
It took a bit longer than 10 minutes to properly dry. I think this was probably because of how thick I'd packed it onto my face, but it seemed like a waste not to use the whole sachet (lesson learnt - my face isn't that big).
I think underestimated how sore a peel off mask was, peeling it off around my chin was a bit similar to pulling a plaster off. It surprised me that my skin wasn't red and irritated after the mask. In fact my skin looked quite refreshed. It does say on the website that the mask "sucks pimples, blackheads, oil and bacteria" which explains the quite painful peeling process. I was a bit disappointed that the mask didn't come off all at once, I seemed to spend nearly 10 minutes peeling off little bits here and there. That might be down to the uneven application though.

 The real test was how my nose and chin looked, that's where the blackheads were after all. I was actually quite surprised by the results, both my nose and chin looked a lot clearer. One face mask wasn't going to solve all my problems but that plaster effect mask sure did try. I think using the rest of the masks once a week or every fortnight might just lead to completely blackhead free skin. 

Impressive, I'd highly recommend them to anyone who can't seem to budge those annoying blackheads. £3 a sachet isn't the cheapest, but worth it if it works. I quite like that it's all-natural herbal ingredients too, there was no problems with my sensitive skin.

What are your blackhead killer products?

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