Triangl Swimwear Inspired Bikini

Bikinis from the brand Triangl have been everywhere recently and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the bloggers and Youtubers who have been sent a set. Quite frankly Triangl swimwear is expensive and way beyond my budget for a bikini which I'll be lucky to wear a few times a year. So when I seen an 'inspired' bikini on eBay for less than £10 delivered I was on it!

Typical eBay and designer inspired purchases the bikini was coming from China, but impressively the bikini came within 2 weeks.  The sizing, like Triangl Swimwear, is quite small. I went up a size and it's only just the right fit. Unfortunately the seller only has up to a Large which is basically a 12 so this cheaper alternative isn't for everyone.
The bikini comes with detachable straps which is handy for avoiding tan lines but gives you the choice to have a bit more support. I much prefer a bikini with straps when I go for a swim. The clasp at the back is quite secure. It's one of those plastic clips that interlock so it took a few attempts to do up on my own. I'll either have to practice or turn to someone for help putting this one on.

Overall it's quite an impressive 'copy', it's a good quality bikini for the price and  looks good regardless of it's more expensive twin/sister/cousin.


  1. I now looking for this bikini in ebay and this review has helped me so much!
    thank you!
    (definitely buying it now)

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