TRESemmé Breakage Defence Review

TRESemmé Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque


"Professional performance formula enriched with vitamins restructures hair, protecting it from split ends and breakage*. Ideal for those who regularly use heat styling tools. Hair is left silky soft, shiny and tangle free."

Long + Bleached + Straightened/Curled. Three things about my hair that mean I've got hair prone to breakages. I'm always on the lookout for a conditioner that can work wonders on my hair but that's affordable. TRESemmé has a huge range of products and the breakage defence restructuring treatment masque has proven to be a winner.

I use it in place of a regular conditioner, focussing mainly on the ends but even manage to run it through the whole length of my hair without having horrible greasy roots. On a day to day basis it leaves my hair feeling softer and healthy, rather than dry and damaged. It's also a good conditioner for an intensive 'leave in for an hour' treatment. 500ml is quite a good size tub which makes £5 a good value price tag. It's also on offer quite often which makes it even more of a bargain.

The only thing that I don't like about this product is the packaging. Opening the lid and scooping it out is hard in the shower without letting any water in the tub. I also had a bit of a disaster when the tub fell from the shelf in my shower and shattered! The plastic wasn't made to withstand a big fall and now I'm left with a big hole (covered with tin foil) and an awful lot of product wasted. 

Which TRESemmé range is your favourite?
Does anyone else use an intensive product rather than a regular conditioner?


  1. I saw this in our drug store but I wasn't sure, because I have really thin fine hair. would it work or you think it would be to greasy ?

  2. It would definitely be alright for fine hair, I would just avoid using it on your roots x

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